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At Alpine Roofing, we understand the need to balance quality with aesthetics while maintaining the affordability of our products and services. That is why we work to ensure that Alpine Roofing provides some of the best cedar roofing solutions Toronto has to offer. Below are some of the benefits of choosing cedar roofing for your home or business:

Energy Saving – Cedar roofs provide excellent thermal insulation that can enable cooler temperatures during the summer and warmth throughout winter. It is therefore a cheap and effective way to lower your heating and cooling costs all year long.

Weather Resistant Because cedar has natural preservatives that make it moisture and resistant to decay, our cedar roofs can withstand changing and even extreme weather conditions such as hailstorms and heavy rain.

Durable - One natural characteristic of cedar roofing is durability. In fact, it is regarded as one of the toughest wood in the world. Cedar shingles and shakes have bridging effects that add strength to the structure and its life expectancy is 30 to 50 years.

Stable – When used as a roofing material, cedar roofing has very little tendency to shrink and break in Toronto. It is also a light weight material, enabling it to lay flat, stay straight and securely hold fastenings.

Stylish and Adaptable – Cedar wood roofing is best suited to people with a distinctive taste for style when it comes to their homes and buildings. Cedar wood accepts a variety of finishes such as fine oils, solid coatings, paints and stains, to name a few. Its rich and warm color and texture allows it to blend well with any natural environment.

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Cedar roofing is a naturally great material for building roofs in Toronto. Aside from its ability to change from a natural honey and cinnamon tone to a silvery-gray color in time, which creates an attractive vintage quality, it also has an insulating property. This is very helpful in cooling and heating the interior of the house or building it is laid upon. In addition, what makes cedar roofing even more exceptional is that it is more cost efficient than roofs made of metal or asphalt.

If you are interested in learning more about our cedar roofing products in the Toronto area, contact our roofing specialists for a free on-site estimate online or by calling 416-469-1939 today. We provide roofing services for residents in Scarborough, Richmond Hill, North York, Pickering, Markham, and surrounding areas of Toronto.