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Signs You Have a Roof Leak & When to Seek Repairs in Toronto

In the hot summer months, the strength of a roof is often tested by the elements. Storms bring excessive rain and wind which can damage a roof. As well, direct heat can weaken the shingles, causing damage that may be hard to see. If your roof isn’t inspected regularly, the elements can cause excessive roof damage over time.

Before you know it, you may experience an expensive roof leak that is in need of repair long before you ever thought it would have to be replaced.

Here are some tips for homeowners on how to spot a leaky roof and when to contact a roofing company in Toronto for repairs.

Yellowish-Brown Ceiling Stains or Bubbling Drywall

When water infiltrates a roof, it may make it ways along the ceiling beams and posts behind your walls.

The water may first show up as stains and bubbling, but eventually, during a rainstorm or spring thaw, you could have water streaming from the top of your window frames or pooling right in the centre of your living room.

Don’t ignore the warning signs. At the earliest sign of a ceiling stain, contact a roofer in Toronto to find the source and evaluate the condition of your roof. The roof repair plan may include fixes to the roof’s protective layers and underlying structure, or flashing, soffit and eavestrough repairs.

Mould and Black Algae

If ignored, water that’s stagnating behind your walls and soaking into your insulation could cause mould and black algae. Mould can cause serious health issues, including respiratory problems so it is important to do what you can to prevent it from growing in the first place.

Mould and algae are expensive problems to deal with, so it’s best to call a roof inspector immediately. An Alpine Roofing technician can examine your roofing materials and inspect your roof’s underlying structure to identify the cause of the leak.

“Cupped” Shingles

“Cupping” refers to shingles whose corners are curling upward. Cupped shingles are no longer able to provide watertight protection and can let water seep into your roof. These damaged shingles need to be replaced with sturdy and attractive roofing materials for future prevention. If left unchecked, cupped shingles can eventually blow off the roof and cause serious, more expensive problems.

Shingle Granules in your Eavestroughs

Older shingles that shed granules into your eavestroughs and downspouts have reached the end of their useful lifetime. At Alpine Roofing, our roofing technicians are happy to recommend shingle and substrate replacements which will protect your home for many years.

Higher Utility Bills

Over time, water entering your home through the roof can soak into your home’s insulation. Saturated insulation isn’t effective, so if you have unexplainably high energy bills, you should have a roofing specialist check your roof and attic.

Not all Toronto and Scarborough roofing specialists offer quality guarantees. At Alpine Roofing, our skilled roofers use the best materials to ensure your roof stays strong and aesthetically appealing for many years.

If you have experienced a roof leak and are in need of repairs in Toronto, call us or book a free estimate using our online booking form. We’ll find the cause and fix it.