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Roof Repairs & Service After Storm Damage in Toronto

It is more common than you think for your roof to experience damage after a thunderstorm, tornado, hurricane, hailstorm or any strong prolonged wind and rain, even if it is not severe. Some of these damages may not even be immediately apparent, but can cause issues if left unchecked.  After any of these weather occurrences, it is very important to assess the condition of your roof and then have a professional inspect it for you if necessary.

How to Spot Roof Leaks & Damage

Although roofs are built to last through harsh weather, they are one of the most exposed parts of your home. While severe weather can be rare in the Greater Toronto Area, high winds, thunderstorms and hailstorms can be strong enough to tear shingles off your roof. Your roof may even be damaged from the force of tree branches that have fallen from the wind. Over time, even small amounts of storm damage can lead to leaks and deterioration. Here’s how to check your roof for storm damage:

  • Inside: Check your attic carefully for leaks or water damage. Also, if you see any water stains on your walls or ceiling, you will likely need roof leak repairs or service. It is important to search for Toronto roofing companies in your area and have this problem addressed immediately.
  • Outside: Study your roof from the ground. Check for missing shingles and missing pieces of metal, even around the chimney. Also look at the condition of exhaust pipes, valleys and outer edges or angles where the roof meets the walls.

If the storm was severe and a tree fell on your roof, stay out of your home and call a professional such as Alpine Roofing right away. Hire a general contractor or roofer with a general contractor’s license if your home has suffered structural damage.

After a hailstorm, also check your roof and siding for dimples made by smaller chunks of hail that pounded the outer layer of the shingles. Most importantly, stay safe — DO NOT go onto the roof to check for damage yourself; contact a professional Toronto roofing company such as Alpine Roofing to do a proper roof inspection for you.

Contacting a Professional

After you’ve had your roof damage assessed, you may wish to call your insurance company to begin processing a claim if the damage is significant. You will then need to contact a company that specializes in roof repairs in Toronto. Since 1974, Alpine Roofing has served over 40,000 satisfied customers and been a leader in roofing and roofing repair for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Alpine Roofing holds the Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence. We offer free estimates and are available in all seasons.

Remember, fixing a damaged roof should be left in the experienced, capable hands of a professional. Alpine Roofing is here for you. Give us a call  to set up an appointment for your free estimate.