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Preventing Winter Roof Leaks from Melting Snow

As we make our way through an unpredictable winter season and transition into spring, many homes in Toronto are at risk for a leaky roof. Melting snow and changing temperatures make loose shingles, worn sealant, and other cracks susceptible water, potentially causing issues in the attic or other areas of your home. If you have already noticed the signs of a leaky roof, you likely need roof repairs for your Toronto home. If you are taking a proactive approach to home maintenance, read on for tips to prevent future roof leaks.

Checking Your Home to Prevent Roof Leaks in Toronto

As seasons change, frozen ice and snow will expand and melt, resulting in damaging water and often causes gaps, cracks and spaces to form where they did not exist before. Keeping your roof in good condition and keeping an eye out for signs of leaks will help you prevent future issues. Below are a few proactive things you can do to prevent future roof leaks and water damage in your Toronto home.

Take Note of Vulnerable Areas – Your chimney, skylights, and plumbing vents are all areas where leaks are more likely to happen. When the seals around these areas are worn, there is an increased likelihood that leaks will occur. If you notice signs of water damage, check these likely culprits, along with satellite and cable wires, to see if you can pinpoint the problem.

Install a Drip Edge – A drip edge will help ensure your eaves are not causing leaks, wood rot, and more serious water damage in your home. Installing a drip edge will also aid in keeping out insects, rodents, snakes, and other unwelcome guests. For more information or to schedule an installation appointment, contact Alpine Roofing.

Clean Your Home’s Gutters – Gutters are often overlooked, but as a homeowner, you should do all you can to keep them clear all times of the year. You can also have them professionally cleaned or install a barrier to ensure they drain properly all year long. By ensuring your gutters and eavestroughs drain away from your property, you will minimize the potential for leaks.  

Check the Attic – The problem isn’t always outside. Sometimes improper ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, pest infestations or other issues inside the home can cause leaks to happen when the seasons change. Take a peek inside your attic on a regular basis so that you can spot mold, soaked insulation, algae stains on plywood, moisture, or clogged vents before they develop into bigger issues. Keep the area clear and inspect it regularly so that you can quickly identify any changes that need attention.

Address Weak Areas in Your Roof – If you are aware of any weak spots in your shingles or around the edges of your roofing material, have the problem addressed before it gets worse. Rather than waiting until the summer, contact our roofers in the winter or spring for roof leak repairs in Toronto. Even if the water hasn’t started to seep through your roof, having it repaired and maintained beforehand will also save you money and time down the road. 

Contact Reliable Professionals in Toronto for Roof Repairs

Alpine Roofing offers roofing inspections and can help you identify any areas of your roof that are leaking, worn, or may require maintenance. No matter the age or material of your roof, our experienced professionals can help.

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