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Preparing Your Roof for Spring Weather in Toronto

Spring is an exciting time of year around the world, especially for residents of Toronto who can finally mark the end of a long and frosty winter season! However, after months of cold, snow and ice, the spring thaw may reveal damage to your roof. If you have flat roofing on your Toronto home, your roof is particularly vulnerable to damage from ice and moisture. Have you noticed signs of a leaky roof? Alpine Roofing’s team of professional roofers in Etobicoke and surrounding areas can provide quality repairs in a timely manner. Rather than waiting for issues to arise, consider having our team visit your property to evaluate your roof and carry out any necessary maintenance.

Protecting Your Flat Roof and Preventing Roof Leaks

Depending on the type of building you inhabit, whether it be commercial or residential, flat roofs can require more maintenance than other styles of roofing. They are often considered cheaper to build and offer accessibility, but are also susceptible to damage. Below are some ways you can protect your flat roof now that spring weather is upon us:

Remove Snow – The arrival of spring marks the end of the snowy season in Toronto; however, it is also important to monitor your roof during this time as the snow continues to melt. It is recommended that no more than 8 inches of ice or 17 inches of packed snow be left on your roof at any time. The weight can cause severe damage to your home and endanger you and your family. As the heavy snow begins to melt, it is possible that your roof will begin to rot if it is insulated by a heavy weight. Similarly, excessive snow will trap the water that begins to trickle along your roof, causing it to seep into the cracks of a weak roof. By removing snow in advance of a thaw, the water will have the chance to evaporate and your flat roof will stay clear.

Clean Your Roof – Melting snow can reveal other debris left on your roof which can lead to damage and degradation over time if left to linger. If you notice branches, leaves, moss and dirt as the snow begins to melt, contact our roofers to have them removed. By cleaning the roof yourself, you could be risking your safety depending on the height of your roof and may damage the shingles and gutters if you are not experienced. Having your roof cleaned will allow water to evaporate and run off in a way that prevents roof leaks and the potential need for repairs.

Hire Professionals – Don’t like heights, or prefer the peace of mind that your roof has been properly cared for? Hire our team for the installation of roofing in North York or seasonal maintenance and repair work. Alpine Roofing has a team that can safely and efficiently clean your roof throughout the year and provide an inspection this spring to be sure the harsh winter hasn’t jeopardized the integrity of your roof.

Contact Reliable Professionals for Flat Roofing in Toronto

Hire professional roofers in Etobicoke and count on our years of experience and knowledge to properly clean, maintain or repair your flat roof this spring. Alpine Roofing can also perform a roofing inspection and identify any areas of your roof that require maintenance. No matter the age or material of your roof, preparing your roof for spring will keep your home safe from leaks, wear and damage.

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