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Green Roofing Options for Toronto Homeowners

If you’re looking into roofing options and hoping to find an eco-friendly alternative, you’ll be pleased to discover there’s more than one way to go green. But which type of residential roofing option in Toronto will be best suited to your needs? Below is a list of several 100% recyclable and otherwise environmentally friendly choices for you to choose from when requesting service from our Toronto roofers.

Cedar Roofing

A cedar roof is a handsome option. It will age gracefully, and as maturation occurs and darkens the wood, a vintage aesthetic is achieved that suits most traditional homes. It’s a great option that provides:

  • Durability. Cedar’s natural hardness allows for a life span of about 30 – 50 years.
  • Weather resistance. Cedar can withstand Toronto’s harshest weather conditions, including hail.   
  • Natural insulation. Keep your heating and cooling costs down.


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